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When people in the west think of messaging apps, they think of the likes of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. They both have around one billion active monthly users and are much more feature rich than the instant messaging programs of old. However, they aren’t necessarily the most advanced apps of their kind in the world. That distinction may go to China’s WeChat, which isn’t far behind with 818 active monthly users, but has many more features.

Here are 5 unique features available on WeChat that would be great additions to Messenger and WhatsApp.


Advanced Payments

Facebook does allow users to send payments through Messenger to other users (as long as they are in the United States), but WeChat has taken this to a whole other level. Not only can you pay contacts, you can easily split bills and pay for meals at restaurants, cover household bills like electric and gas, book transport like buses and taxis, and even book and pay for medical appointments and procedures. It’s basically a full blown mobile wallet within the app.

Developers Tencent have said they really want WeChat to be a ‘lifestyle app’ not just something to send messages. They seem to be on the right track.


As part of this advancement beyond just a chat app, WeChat has also implemented what amounts to a social network wall or feed. Known as ‘Moments’ this feature allows you to post photos and status updates to your profile page where your friends and other users can like the content and leave comments in a thread below it.

While you could argue Facebook doesn’t need this, because well … it’s Facebook, it could well be a feature that WhatsApp might benefit from. It’s unlikely to adopt it however since Facebook now owns WhatsApp.

Proper Gaming

It stands to reason that WeChat has integrated gaming, after all parent company Tencent is now technically the largest gaming company in the world.

Users can download and play the games from within the app and use numerous social features to add a new level of fun.

We know that Facebook has its own games within the social network and you can even challenge each other in chat, but where Facebook has Snake – WeChat has full 3D adventures like Thunder Raid and Dragon Warrior.


Perhaps one of the more far out features of WeChat is ‘Shake,’ where users shake their mobile device and are connected with another random user somewhere in the world doing the same thing.

This can be great fun if you are bored or lonely, and there have been more than few tales of love blossoming from these chance encounters.

It’s a bit like a Chat Roulette but without the seediness it became known for.

What could be next, in-app dating – imagine Tinder combined with Messenger!

Price Comparison

Who wants to pay one price when you can get the same product elsewhere for cheaper? Price comparison has been big on the web for a while now, but WeChat allows users to compare prices in real time by going to the shelves and using the QR Code scanning function to note the price of popular domestic products and compare them to nearby stores and online.

Of course, third party apps like this already exist, but it’s just more convenient to do it within a messaging app you’re already using all the time anyway.

To learn more about WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and how they compare, check out this new infographic from Skilled.co.


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