Business nugget: Do you have the right business reputation?

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The one formula that dictates your persuasion ability and, therefore, your success in the business is the formula that determines your reputation.

Your permanent persuasion ability depends largely on your reputation. If you have a good one, your persuasion ability skyrockets. If you have a reputation for shady deals and being undependable, your reputation can be your worst enemy.

When it comes to reputation, it can never be understated that your habits and your interactions with people will precede you in the future. In order to increase your persuasion ability, you must be constantly thinking of your reputation and how others perceive you as a salesperson.

Values determine behavior; behavior determines reputation; reputation determines advantages.

The idea here is that if you want advantages, if you want success and prosperity, you must have a good reputation. To have a good reputation, you must make sure you have and follow good values. Be sure your values are morally straight, be sure that you are fundamentally a good person, and the rest will follow. It’s really that easy.

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