Albert Einstein and the Nigerian justice system

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I ponder through this quote anytime I reflect on the situation of my dear nation, silently singing Nigeria we hail thee. Once upon a time, that was the national anthem that rang in unison from the lips of many Nigerians. At the time, it was an anthem filled with believe and admiration for a country we all loved and hoped great things for. Now, it sounds like a song of mockery akin to the level of indent corruption in the economy.
Especially considering that the highlight of the current administration so far has been the recovery of stolen funds from some “corrupt public officials”, who have used their office and influence to divert funds to their personal accounts for selfish gain.
It is funny how we have Forgotten Farouk Lawan; who was charged with corruption after he allegedly accepted $500,000 from Femi Otedola, a Nigerian billionaire oil tycoon, as part of a $3 million bribe Lawan had solicited from Otedola.
Otedola claimed Lawan had demanded the bribe in order to have his company, Zenon Petroleum removed from the list of companies that the committee had implicated in the scandal. The initial fuel subsidy report read that Zenon Petroleum, owed more than $1 million to the government, but legislators later voted to remove the firm from the final report. Lawan said that he accepted the money in order to expose blackmail and informed the committee and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) about it but so far nothing has been done
What about others like Colonel Sambo Dansuki who allegedly helped himself to $2bn for awarding phantom contracts to buy 12 helicopters, four fighter jets, and ammunitions for the Nigerian military campaign against the terrorist sect Boko Haram.
Olisa Metuh was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to answer questions regarding some fund said to have been traced to his firm. Money meant for procuring arms to fight terrorism for the Nigerian army. Metuh was held under the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission but was later released after meeting the conditions for bail. While in detention, Mr. Metuh refused to accept the accusation, while others begun the process of refunding the money in their possession, Mr. Metuh still refused to do same instead he made a secret payment of 50million naira to his wife Kanayo Olisa Metuh and another 24million naira to a Party chief in a bid to cover his tracks. So far, it seems the Nigerian justice system has been relaxing on an isolated resort, waiting for the right time to take these good willing technocrats to justice.
What is so hilarious is the way these “sagas” or “gate” are promoted in the media and after all is said and done, they move on to the next “Big Story”.
Therefore, it is of no surprise that a section of the budget was listed as” payment of rent in the Aso Rock…” a place where there is no Landlord or has the Landlord been hiding on a beach somewhere in Switzerland all this while taking medications for selective amnesia? This show of shame by our Government has come to show that our politicians are out of ideas to siphon the wealth of the country.
If our leaders do not lead exemplary lives what do you expect from the “common men”; who when caught are charged with the full extent of the law. So dear Mr Einstein, we are sorry to disappoint you concerning issues of justice and the treatment of people in Nigeria, not all are the same.

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